About Our Company

GA UAV Services provides FAA authorized operations, professional certified pilots, and certified unmanned aerial aircraft systems (UAS/UAV) services including aerial imaging services, fleet rental, and client operational services. GA UAV offers state-of-the-art equipment including a fleet of multi-rotors, fixed wing UAV's and multiple styles of ground station for operational safety, telemetry acquistion, multiple video downlink systems, and UAV/UAS antenna systems for acquistion of video downlinks.

GA UAV is based in Atlanta Georgia serving Agricultural, Real Estate, Construction and Architectural, Oil and Gas, Utility industries, Land Management, Pulbic Safety and Services, and General Aerial Videography throughout the United States.

Why We Are the Best Solution?

GA UAV strives to provide our clients with the best operational services, pilots, and aircraft to meet their current and fruture needs. The folliwng is a list of actions we implement into our monthly operations:


We're Growing

Available positions:

  • Pilots (Sport/Private/Commerical Certified)
  • Observers (Working on Pilot Certification preferred)

Please email us at matt@gauav.com and we will review your qualifications and experience.