Aerial Inspection GA UAV Services, LLC can provide a seamless imaging process to evaluate your inspection needs and lower your overall cost of implementing regulatory or maintenance inspections.
Aerial Videography and PhotographyGA UAV Services, LLC can generate innovative aerial photo images and videos for your next project.
Real EstateBirds eye view images and videos provide a comprehensive view of your property and home to potential buyers and investors.
ConstructionGA UAV Services, LLC can obtain and deliver high quality (4K, 2K video, 1080P) images and video of your proposed construction site, construction images and post construction site and building(s).
Tower InspectionUsing aerial imaging allows a company to quickly review the status of their towers and wires to determine maintenance schedule.
Building InspectionAerial imaging enables an organization to quickly analyze the status of buildings and determine areas needing immediate maintenance.
Manufacturing Facility Aerial InspectionUtilizing close up still images, infared image acquisitions, and other sensors for acquisition of critical datasets, GA UAV Services, LLC can assist you with environmental, regulatory, and maintenance requirements for your manufacturing facilities.

Why Choose Us

333 Exemption Authorized for Flight Operations
GA UAV Services, LLC was granted a FAA 333 Exemption Certificate on December 3, 2015 to commence commerical oeprations of their sUAS/UAV aircraft. The FAA 333 Exemption Certificate allows an individual or organization to operate legally in the National Airspace System (NAS) based on the regulations set forth on it. For additional information on the FAA Exemption Certificate, here is the FAA Website
Extensive Aircraft Fleet / Ground Stations
GA UAV Services, LLC own a fleet of 7 multi-rotor and 5 fixed wing aircraft and have access to other aircraft as needed by client requests. Our fixed wing aircraft have been designed and built for long range (Within-Line-Of-Sight (WLOS) ) for large parcel videography, still images, and infared imaging. GA UAV Services, LLC offers multiple custom ground stations and antenna systems to provide optimum video down link systems for exceptional aerial video services.
Consulting Services
GA UAV Services, LLC offers consulting services to support flight operations, aircraft acquisition, FAA communications, and other operational services and topics.

Our Services

We are proud to offer the following services: