GA UAV Services presented to the Cobb County Retired Employee Association at Wards Senior Center in Cobb County off Whitlock/Dallas Highway. We provided understanding of the history of drones, implementation of commerical UAV, regulatory requirements for UAV commerical operations, and the proposed regulatory rules that the State of Georgia has begun discussing within sub-committee meetings with industry operators, manufacturers, representative and lobbying associations within the UAV industry.

GA UAV Services has been contracted to fly 350 acres at Kent Rock in Loganville GA. We will be flying over the property during the next few weeks along with another parcel of 250 acres north of Ball Ground, GA. Both parcels are vacant and the Kent Rock parcel is an old horse farm. Kent Rock parcel is partially being farmed for cattle.

Each parcel will take several return trips to video tape and capture still photography of the properties for future development.

GA UAV Services has developed a mobile deployment solution for their DJI Phantom based multi-rotors to deploy their pilots quickly to a site based on client needs and urgency of deployment into the field.

This solution allows us to deploy our pilots quickly with a DJI Phantom multi-rotor, digital camera proviing 1080P to 4K video capture and 12 MP still image capture, extra batteries, 10.1 inch LCD display monitor, Tripod for external display, communications for 2 team members, and standard radio equipment for manned aircraft communications.

We also have a reduced wieght, full-size ground station providing a 19 inch HDMI quality television/monitor for enhanced viewing.

GA UAV Services, LLC was spotlighted on a local TV station, Channel 2 WSBTV during the 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM newcasts. The story was about the current unmanned aerial vehicle legislative bill being proposed in the State of Georgia. This bill will stiffle any innovation, economic stimulus, and job growth from the burgeoning UAV/sUAS industry in Georgia. We are currently regulated by the FAA, we do not need further regulatory constraints on our industry. The videos can be found on UAV operators, STAND UP AND BE HEARD! This is our future. Don't let them regulate us out of business.

The current version of the bill will restrict research, affect middle school and high school STEM programs, and potentially eliminate college/University education and research.

Our industry already has enough regulatory requirements that are part of the 333 exemption from the FAA, it is imperative to contact your local representive(s) and let them know you do not support this bill. This proposed bill needs to be defeated.

The legislation can be found on and is called GA HB 779.